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Clare Tan Realtor

Greetings! My name is Clare Tan, and before I became a licensed realtor, I was in the legal industry for the large part of my life. As they say, the rest is history. I was raised in a family of modest means and wanted to learn how people created wealth through real estate. Real estate, as most people often say is the gateway to financial freedom, but I have personally witnessed how ill-advised decisions have led to costly consequences for a family. I started learning how to invest in real estate the right way, and I want to equip you with the right knowledge and skills so that more families like yourself, can benefit from real estate. 


While there is no one-size fits all approach, we believe there is a fundamental process which home owners need to go through before deciding on their property planning. 

1) Understanding your own situation and the market. Making a property purchase involves careful and detailed planning. We help you gain clarity behind the purpose of why you are looking to embark on this journey, and your current financial standing. The property market is constantly changing and we want you to know that it is not as daunting as it seems. 

2) Scaling down options. Homeowners often share that they get overwhelmed with too many choices out there, and that can lead to confusion. That is why we work very hard to keep track of the property market, past and latest transaction prices so that you can make a decision with confidence and certainty. 

3) Contingency plan. We face many unforeseen challenges in life and that is unavoidable. What we can do, is to be well prepared for the headwinds so that your asset is well protected. 

The above serves only as a basic guide. There are many issues that I cannot cover here such as the various government cooling measures and regulations, comparative analysis of your property, what factors affect pricing of your unit, whether to buy new launch condo or resale etc. 


If you like to have a consultation session to understand better, please leave your contact details below, and I will be in touch with you soon. 


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Welcome visitors to your site with a short, engaging introduction. Double click to edit and add your own text.

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